I am frustrated.. Trying for 3 and half years now...!

Do or die

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Why I want to leave porn?
- I am facing bad effects such as brain fog, social anxiety etc.

-There are so many reports says that porn is healthy. But I think this is not good for everyone.

- at this stage I just want to leave it completely and focus on my life now.

- so from today I will choose sex over porn.

- from today I will never watch porn

Why I watch porn ?
- I used porn to get read of negative thoughts , frustration, to avoid feeling lonely.

- I think I need to use another good habits to face such things in my life .

How I do nofap?
- First I am going decide today that I am doing it seriously.
- I using exercise and meditation to manage my emotions.

- by reading success stories I have one clear idea in my mind that till I am fully rebooted I will think like all of us that nofap is impossible for me etc etc.

- but I know it's possible and today I am on nofap and hardmode. I will do it very seriously and my first priority in my life now is doing nofap . Not only nofap I want to successful nofap

Phineas 808

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I am relapsed but I did it for 7 days .
I think before doing 150 days streak I will set my goal to 14 days now.
From today my goal is to do 14 days reboot first.

Yes, 7 days straight without that crap is definitely an accomplishment!

Your goal makes sense. That's kind of my strategy, which proved to be successful. I did 15 mini-goals of 8 days each, and it brought me to 120 days.

Currently, I'm doing 9 mini goals of 10 days each...

The idea is to go for the 'low hanging fruit', and to celebrate even the smallest of victories...!

You will do this, Do! You will retrain yourself and your brain away from unwanted behaviors, and you will be successful!

Do or die

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There are to much urges I have in my mind to do PMO. But I am controlling myself. Deciding one goal and to achieve it is important. So my goal is 150 days. Without goal it's impossible.
So first I need to complete day 1