AStansfield's Reboot Journal


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In 7 hours I will hit 75 days - but I have some time to write my entry now.

Now that i'm only 2-ish weeks away from the reboot finishline - you would think I feel very accomplished. The truth is that while that I am proud of my committment and discipline - my expectations of where I would be personally by this point do not match the reality.

When I started NoFap last summer I was 116kg (256lbs) and a very depressed PMO addict. Now I'm 95kg (209lbs) benching 110kg (242lbs) and overall looking very healthy and athletic. I've managed to keep my urges under control. I've rediscovered faith and I've improved in other branches of my life.

But overall, despite this being exceptional progress by most anyones standards - I simply have set my expectations far too high. I was expecting to be a Shining Golden Greek Statue but i'm neither shining, golden, greek, or a statue.

A 90 day reboot is just the beginning. It's essentially the springboard to bigger and better things. I know I haven't hit 90 days but I feel qualified to speak about my experience now.

If you're reading this wondering about the 90 day nofap reboot - it will not be the grand panacea. Yes - it will help you in many ways but it will not solve all your problems outright. It is merely one thing you have in your wheelhouse for self achievement. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. 100%. I have no doubts that every man should try a 90 day reboot in order to really discover what it means to be in control of your sexuality and desires. You won't regret it.


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Morning between Day 75 and 76.

Another wet dream - had to take a shower. Last time I had one was day 65.

So far today I don't feel as though it has negatively impacted me whatsoever. It's just my body running routine maintenance I suppose.


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8 Hours until 83 days.

I'm really excited to be hitting 90 - although my true goal remains to be 150.

It works out perfectly actually. I'm trying a nonstimulant medication for my ADHD - it will take 2-4 weeks to kick in and another 2-4 weeks to reach maximum effectiveness. This should put me at just around 150 days after the trial period of 2 months.

NoFap Streak, Gym Progress, and finally getting my ADHD under control. A lot of good things that I'm trying not to take for granted. Hope everyone else out there is doing well and can encounter good things!


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Hello friends. Today is finally the day! I've reached 90 days of nofap!

I have not edged and I have avoided all adult content.

Though I have completed 90 days, I feel as if this is only just the beginning. I feel accomplished, I feel proud, but I still have much to do before I reach the vision of myself I had when I started this journey a year ago.

I will periodically keep checking in - for now the new goal is 180 Days. My new ADHD medication has a reputation for inducing ED and significantly impairing libido for the first 2 months of usage - but as a flatline veteran I feel capable of surviving!
Interesting read, I took notice as you've been experience a lot of wet dreams too, I've come to realise (for me anyway and hopefully everyone) they are a good sign.

I had one 2 weeks back and 2 days later I was able to have a full day of sex with my gf and had a lot of arousal for her for around a week but experiencing another bout of PIED.

However, in the last week I've had 3! (All of them involving P fetishes). However, I don't feel this is setting me back, yesterday I had arousal for my partner and today I am noticing I am able to get a semi erection just touching myself. This wasn't possible for me 2/3 weeks back.

Keep up the good work mate


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97 Days and 9 Hours (Morning)

Still going strong. Just reporting that I've had another wet dream - again mostly fluid.

I think i've entered another flatline however. Not sure.


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108 Days 7 hours

Another wet dream - this time the release however was not fluid dense but more like normal ejaculate. What could this mean?


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120 Days!

Fantastic that i've made it this far. Just 2 months away from my ultimate goal now.

However, I already feel 100% cured of everything that I felt was ailing me at the beginning - but better to be safe than sorry!

I hope everyone out there is finding success.


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Day 134.

Another wet dream.

I feel like this has just become a tracker for wet dreams at this point.

However I will do a big udpate wehn I hit 150 days. I've been reached some interesting conclusions regarding nofap.


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Day 147

Last few days I've been having wet dreams, but with no actual ejaculation at all like the previous few.

Very similar to wet dreams I had while PMO'ing. I don't know what this could mean.


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Day 154

Had a "normal" wet dream.

I guess it's about time for a longer update. After 5 months I can solidly say that my life has changed dramatically for the better.

At this current juncture, I've been getting "nagging" feelings to fall back to using porn. There was many many weeks where I had 0 libido. Just no sexual "hunger" or "desire." Like I could get stimulated, 100%. Super easily.

However it's different compared to the last week where I'm hungry and desiring. It's not overpowering, but it looms in the back of the mind. It's looking for weakness.

So even after 5 months your guard cannot be let down because one mistake can lead back to the abyss.

I'm almost at 180 days, which was original all time goal. Since I haven't really been active in dating - I can't consider the mission complete - not until I see if the PIED is 100% gone. Once the semester is over and I come back from my vacation (I haven't had in in almost 2 years, been stuck here in my apartment studying) I will get back on the market and see what happens.

Good luck to everyone out there!