91 days of no PMO!

Hi there!!! How s it going??

here i have been able to achieve 91 days clean. It seemed a lot when i relapsed my last time on 28th of march... really... in beginning of 2019 i discovered that what i was suffering was called pied, and i tried several things but i was always lying to myself. WELL, first of all, i have to say i am not even near to fully recover, BUT i ve seeing many positive consequences , and im really glad about them. I dont remember when i had morning wood for the last time before starting this recovering; and it was awful. It was awful to be sleeping next to a hot girl that we are really in love and to feel my dick totally limp every fuckin day. I remember doing kegels in the middle of the night trying to get it up while she was sleeping, but i just achieved a little shy movement of my dick. What a shame brothers... Now, i cant say everyday, but many days i get up in the middle of the night and i have an erection around 70 %. That is paradise for me. A thing that it seems so strange to me is that i never woke up in the morning with MW, just in the middle of the night, if sb knows what it happens im really glad to hear from you.

Well, i know that i have still a long way upon me bc I have never had sex like a real good one, just like 2 min max inside a vagina... many girls and many dissapointments, and that made me to stop flirting with girls bc of fear. I think u understand me when i say that this kind of fear or shame when u cant give pleasure to a woman getting inside her is terrible. It s a thing i want to dissapear from my life , and im in a good way.

My mood also has considerably get better and i feel more alive, i do more things and i have some aims in the near future. Im about to finish my degree hopefully and im working in a good place. In fact, i ve meet a girl in my job that i find her really sweet, and im gonna invite her for a beer this week, i want to restart getting involved in dates and flirt, i think im ready

right now i feel good, the fact of achieve the 90 days mark gave me a boost of confidence. Im gonna wait a little bit to come back to eventual and conscious masturbation.

Tell me about how you are going, im not very active posting in the forum but i read almost all the post. Guys lets go for it!!! I really want to let clear that i have been relapsing for more than 1 year and now i have achieved it. Just take it seriously, write down your triggers and understand them. Understand what s going on when the urges come up. And put in your mind with fire WHY YOU WANT TO STOP WATCHING PORN. PERSONALLY, PORN HAS RUINED A BEAUTIFUL PART OF MY LIFE, THAT IT S SEX, AND I WANT TO HAVE IT. I WANT TO FEEL CONNECTED WITH A WOMAN, NOT ONLY EMOTIONALLY, BUT SEXUALLY TOO.

A thing that helped me was thinking that if i stop PMOing now, and taking rebooting seriously, probably i would be able to act kind of good sexually on CHRISTMAS 2021. It seems a lot, but it s much less time than the 7-8 years that i should have entered in the ''sexual life''. BE STRONG PEOPLE!!!!
You're a beast! Congratulations that's a huge achievement.  :D

I will take your advice and think about my triggers.

My triggers are:

Catching glimpses of soft porn and fantasising about it.
Fantasising about porn.

I usually use porn when:

Alone with a computer.
In a private place.
Feeling intense urges.

I will fight these triggers and habits by:
Not using reddit (blocked on phone, replacing with news sites).
Blocking recommended YT videos & staying busy and social.
Keeping my pc in a public place.
Not sleeping in the same room as my phone.
Exercising to divert urgest.

Thanks and best wishes. Good luck  :D