Started Friday July 3rd


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Hello again to those I know and those that are new here. I am a very infrequent poster as you will see. Not a whole lot to report other than some erotic dreams lately that don't really lead to anything but good to be aware of them. Getting lots of stuff done around the house, a better partner and father. Trying not to "coast" so much and be more engaged. WIP you and I are on the same page, the pandemic was our saving grace, giving us the time to work on ourselves away from the hectic world. I have had moments of fear over what a return to the regular way of life will look like, but more than anything I'm just excited to get back out and have some pints with friends and play some sports and not fear for everyones health and safety all the time.

Keep your heads up and your eyes open gang, there's light at the end of the tunnel. Killing the P addiction is not the answer to all your problems but it sure is an answer to some!


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Glad to read that things are still good for you, TheNorman. Sport, socialising and a couple of beers, without worrying about making each other ill, sounds like my idea of a perfect summer :cool:. Fingers crossed! I appreciate that line at the end of your post... "Killing the P addiction is not the answer to all your problems but it sure is an answer to some"!


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Wanted to drop in and say that I'm still doing very well. No P or M or any real draw towards either. My wife and are in a much better place than we have been. Family life is good, all things considered with covid and everything.

One thing I don't know if I've ever posted about is PIED. Maybe out of embarrassment or just not really thinking that applied to me as the O in PMO was never an issue. I stopped with PMO and MO last summer and the times that my wife and I have sex now are like night and day. I used to also have issues with my foreskin which I have fixed which helps with sex but also made MO all that more attractive as it was a sure thing, where O through intercourse was not. Then, when you know PMO is feeding that physical urge while also tapping into that deeply-entrenched dopamine train, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that sex life suffers.

For anyone reading this, if there are issues with your ability to have sex and you're already on this forum for issues with P, I can tell you that for me, it was a much deeper problem than I even knew. I'm forever grateful to my therapist, my partner and some wise lads on his forum that all helped me gain a part of adult life that P had broken down.