Bad digestion, skinny and acne


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I've been doing pmo since 2015 and started having problems after 2 years.
I tried every treatment but nothing helped and now I think the reason to be pmo and want to get healed.
Can anybody who faced the same problems tell me the roadmap for this???


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I'll be real with you - the road will be difficult. How difficult I cannot say because each individual is different. I was PMO for almost 10 years and didn't realize I had problems until I got my first girlfriend. Even then I just assumed she just wasn't getting me there (in a way it was true, but in no way did I tie it to porn).

A good start is just making it past 30 days. Some guys report significant changes in just the short time span of a month while others need 180 days+.

There is no real way to say, especially since I don't know the details of your issues. What I can definitely say however is that committing yourself to this project will vastly improve your self discipline - and all the benefits concerning no PMO will fall into place progressively over time.

Good luck brother!


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There is no one-size-fits-all way to eliminate all these problems, so you need to use different methods. First, start to eat right and watch the number of calories consumed daily.