How to act with woman

Hi people! I created this topic bc currently im starting to meet some woman but I'm doubtful on how I can share with them my problem. Or even if I should tell them that there is some trouble with my penis. Since I started I have not had any sexual encounter, and my question for you guys is how to tell them. I mean, I am meeting some girls in Tinder, and I do not know if I should tell the girls from there, if we are about to have sex, that I have a problem. Bc i do not know how my penis is going to react, and i am tired of the typical situation of the girl super horny and my dick totally limp and me saying that I dont know what is happening. But if I tell them , maybe she wont want to have sex... I do not know, I am completely confused on how to act, so guys if u can share your stories or sth that could help me, I would be really thankful !! :) Keep strong everybody!!


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I'd say don't tell them

And if it happens, tell her you're nervous. Sharing the fact that you're nervous usually makes you less nervous
Maybe calm down and then try again :)

Congratulations on getting a date!


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Try to just build a relationship.  No need to rush into sex. Explain to her you see more to her than sex and you don't want to rush into it yet.
Thanks so much to both of you for your replies!
I will keep my problem for me and if i get to know the girl more deeply, maybe i will tell her.
I live in a country where it s easier to have sex than to build a relationship, normally you meet someone you get on well with her and u have sex, then maybe you dont see her never again... So it s not that i dont want to build a relationship, it s just that it s summer here, and hormones are crazy...
But you see, the other day i hang out with some friends that i havent seen them since long, and a pretty girl appeared with them. Im good at filtring and i know, but im afraid of filtring with someone that is so close to friends bc im afraid of my sexual performance... That s the downside of here, easy to have sex but people cant keep the things for themselves. They will always tell someone, and the rumour spreads rapidly... Anyway, thanks again for your opinions, i will meet the tinder girl tomorrow, if sth happen i will keep u updated. Keep strong guys!!!!


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You just need some intimacy. Build a relationship, build some sexual tension. Start slow..... make your way to eventually having sex. Making out, foreplay, then sex. But space it out... if the sex doesn't happen the way you want it. Play it off like your just nervous... or go ahead and spill the beans. But do it in an understanding way. But i think if you stay repetitive with at least trying to have sex with someone who wants to be with you. It will prevail.
thanks Redfire03! i completely agree with u, that s what i need, intimacy with a woman, and for that the best it s building a relationship... thanks mate


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Keep your head up man. Its a sucky position to be in. But just know there is hope. Just apply yourself with self discipline to never go down the forgotten path. Get off social media and all the instagram models.. put that behind you. Get outside.. go to the gym. Eat healthier change your prospective on things. Work on you..


I have my own struggles, however here is what helped me:

You will know how to act by going out and approaching them, not by using dating apps like tinder. Yes, some of the dating advice online is good (good posture/body language, strong vocal tonality, being masculine and assertive). Eventually you know how to act is by meeting them yourself and developing character and becoming your own man. Getting rejected is going to happen, embrace that. How I found a girlfriend was going out a lot for months on end and finding people who appreciate me for me. Yes you should work on yourself with the gym, career, and style/fashion. The social skills are super important and overlooked with advice like "just be yourself" or "go to the gym". If yourself acts weird, off, or needy, then this isn't attractive. This isn't really the time to meet a lot of people given our current circumstance. Right now I am focused on getting past my PMO problem, working on my career and stuff that I can control. I suggest the same to you. The key things I learned is women want a guy who has his life together, dependable, has hobbies/passions/purpose, fits in well socially and doesn't act off (being socially weird, cringe, creepy, or needy), also someone who values life and positivity, takes responsibility for his life 100% without complaining or making excuses. Wish you the best of luck.