So, I have been able to sleep with my gf WITH a condom two times over the past two weeks having no ED. - I've had really bad ED for years now & of course watched porn for years.

For the curious gent wondering the timeline it took for me to be 'cured', I'd say prob about 5 months, however I did cave on the PMO at the end of the first month, and at the end of the second month went on a three day 'binge' so I'm well aware that set me back because I went though a flatline about 4 times I felt like.

regardless - Finally better, confidence is higher, sex is much more 'clear', my gf satisfies me doing nothing but what I used to think of was 'boring' sex.  No weird thoughts in my head, I'm 'present' when the intercourse takes place, and it feels much more passionate.

I visited doctors for this problem, couldn't get fixed, and tried diet, quit drinking, exercised - still the ED was there.  Upon quitting Porn - I'm cured.

For the record I'm 24 years old - so don't do those scripts the DR's write for us, it is putting a bandaid on a serious problem treating only the symptom.  Be patient and your love life will take off.

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What a great post! I can't wait till I'm a couple months in so I can actually feel like I'm accomplishing my goal of being cured of PIED. However, I have never been more determined to rid my life of this horrible habit!  :)