Porn Playbook: Deny, Disinform, and Defame (NEW VIDEO)

Gabe Deem

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If any of y'all are wondering why the potential negative effects of porn are not common knowledge yet... watch my latest video:
Great video, Gabe!

You are a very brave man, not many men have the courage to admit this addiction on TV in front of millions of people.

Keep up the good work!


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Excellent video.  I love that we have a solid reference point for what is happening here.  It can be a hard thing to explain until you point out what the cigarette companies did throughout the years.

This is part of why I love it when the old TV and radio ad spots for cigarettes are left in original shows.  None of them make me want to go buy a pack of lucky strikes, but they do teach me a lot about history and how these things have changed over time.  But, that's more of an opinion about media, history and censorship, and a bit of a tangent.

One of these days someone in the porn addiction community will get some heavy duty exposure and things will really get big.  My own hope is to see Gary Wilson on Joe Rogan, but who knows what the odds are of that.