Recovery!!! Success!!


Hi guys,

I wanted to share a little bit of my story, how this reboot and Recovery process been for me and of course give you guys some hope and show you guys light at The end of The tunnel as I have found in this forum.

So heres my story, I started MO at The age of 12 with some magazines, I started watching porn at The age of 14.
I started my sexual life at The age of 15, and leave porn maybe for 2 to 3 months just because life was happening, so I kept having sex from The age of 15 through The age of 21, even though I was having sex with girls I kept watching porn and masturbating every single Day of my life, I wish I have never seen porn, I didnt know how harmful and bad was for me, from The age of 20 to 21 I watched porn every Day, edging, I spend hours watching at it, (I have tons of sexual experience since I started having sex at The age of 15, never had an issue) i met this NEW girl, and started dating, I really liked her, but I noticed that i didnt felt that emotion, I felt so lack of motivartion, so numb, we kept hangin out until one Day we started making out I started touching her but notice nothing happened below my pants, that freaked me out, we didnt try for sex that Day as she wanted to tske things slow, but next time we saw, we tried for sex, I remember I had an erection 70% hard and it went down as soon is I tried to penetrate, that was frustrating, I knew it wasnt performance anxiety as I have had sex before, so as everyone here, I started looking for info, learned everything about reboot and rewiring and started my Recovery process, so I remember I tried to have sex with The same girl like 3 times and failed... I was so depressed..
First 2 weeks in to my reboot where totslly flatline, I was depressed and had suuicidal thougts, no libido, no morning wood, no nothing....
Day 34
Guys I had sex this Day with my girl, and it was great, I felt like defeating a giant, I felt so well, didnt knew that this was barely The beggining of my reboot, from Day 34 to 70 I had sex maybe 11 times, 5 of them where great The other six lets just say it was really hard to reach an erection, I was having orgasm with my girl and went in to a terrible flatline at Day 78, depressed again, anxious, brain fog and panic attacs, libido was gone again, didnt want to know anything about sex, after maybe 2 weeks of being total flat I started to feel libido again a little par?ntesis (morning wood is still ocassional from 70% to 100%, morning wood started to show after a month into my reboot)
So after those 2 weeks I started to feel libido again and tried for sex, Guys it was Amazing i didnt need that much work to have an erection, 2nd was successfull again, 3rd time was great as well, so in The past 7 days I have had successfull loving sex 3 times, morning wood is more regular now, I am at Day 97, havent relapse, and I know that i will contin?e to see progress in this journey, reboot has been successfull, I am able to have sex now, I still get anxious some times but I know thst as long I contin?e with this journey I will continue to see even more benefits that is for sure.
Guys if some one of you need some motivation, you can defintely contact me personally and we can support each other, I could share some tips and share you a more detailed story of my self, I just want to help others as I know this is really frustrating and sometimes we need some motivation.
Heres my email [email protected]
Guys I hope this can give you Guys some hope and motivati?n!!