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My name is Miles & it all started when I was about 8yrs old. I was sick home from school one day and was alone watching tv. Some channel I flipped to was really blurry but got clear every now & then; this was the porn channel. So every 40 seconds u could see a buttock or something which was really intriguing. That's when I first gained interested into seeing women naked. After a few months we bought high-speed internet -__- it started out innocent like going to game sites like Bonus & Mofunzone. But one day, I was left alone in the game/CP room and looked up "naked women." <<<This pales in comparison to what I've been looking up but I digress. I'm 22 now and I've been hooked on porn (on & off) ever since.

At about age 14-15 BET Uncut, Girls Gone Wild, Howard Stern, R-Rated Movies...this was the foundation that got me hooked. Then it escalated to more internet porn use, but like 30 sec clips. Their were several occasions where I would stay up all night watching porn. I even started using the opposite hand to yank so that if there were any visual signs, everybody would know I was Right-handed and would dismiss the accusations of "he's a jerker." I do believe in God and I've prayed about it, but I know that you reap what you sow, and I put in many hours with porn. My sophomore year in high school I discovered a website where porn was free (im talkin no subscription, no spam, no computer virus) but endless categories and countless movies of free porn (some in HD). While I was happy on the outside to leave the teaser clips, I new immediately what this would do to me but Pandoras box had already been opened. 

So now that leads me to where I am now. I'm 22 & the longest I've gone without porn was about 4 1/2 months. I immediately felt all the benefits of quitting. However, "showers & morning wood" would all prove as reminders that I was rebooting or becoming sexually healthy for females (not my hands). So I would have all this built up sexual energy/tension/hornyness and NO way to relieve myself. I thought I could control porn use at that point since I went 4+ months but as soon as I looked up Ava D there was no coming back  :-[

I want to ask everyone, if u go cold turkey from any masturbation for like years and finally have sex does that give u the chaser effect for wanting to watch porn? It sounds weird going years without sexual release but I know if I could do 4 months, than its not that difficult to accomplish and its worth building knew healthy brain patterns with my future spouse.

What about images? There's a lot of "weird" porn out there that I'm too ashamed to mention even being anonymous. I know they never go away, but at some point do the images begin to fade out? Every young man will tell u that sex consumes much of our thoughts especially if were not doing anything, so how in the world do we innocently do stuff like going to the gym to work out & the women are all eye-candy? How do u have sex with a women without thinking about porn? Yes that's the hardest part of rebooting.   


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Unfortunately, I can't answer any of your questions out of experience,
but according to what I read, those weird images disappear once your brains rewire and associate sex with real girls.

When you were on the 4 months streak, did you still masturbate without watching porn?