Can anyone explain this?


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Ok so i relapsed for 4 days.... during those 4 days i had pretty strong morning wood.. when ever i start a reboot my morning wood becomes less consistent. Is this normal? also the fact that i still get morning wood while PMOing... does that suggest i'm not that severe...
Thanks alot!
Also if anyone could tell me symptoms of flatline... during my 2 weeks of stopping my penis and balls did become quite cold...


I'm sure you could find the answer on yourbrainonporn. But I'll write what I think may be going on (keep in mind this idea could be 100% bullshit).

When we're constantly PMOing we're always in a state of addictive/hyper sexuality. When we stop being sexual and our addiction pathways begin to fade, it reveals our true level of libido (flatline) which corresponds to how much dopamine we have (or at least what we have left lol) and has a cascade of effects on morning wood, mood, EQ etc. Almost like a "use it, or lose it" scenario where the only way to recover is to lose it for a period of time (reboot)

To answer your question it is pretty normal. Regardless if it were normal or not it wouldn't matter because abstinence from artificial stimulation can only help. The fact you get MW while PMOing may suggest you are in a state of hypersexuality when you PMO