I am 16 and I need some help


Hello I hope you are all doing well. I have found this site after searching through google countless times to see what is wrong with me. I am 16 and i started watching porn around the age of 12. Last year, my ex girlfriend and I were ready to have sex when something horrible happened. After making out for a while, we took our clothes off and we were going to do it. (side note, I have not been able to keep an erection with her regularly but at the time it didn't seem to matter). I quickly realized i was not hard enough for sex. I tried and tried. I tried kissing for longer, pre hand jobs and blowjobs but nothing worked. (she is beautiful and the problem was definitely not her). We tried to have sex about three other different times later in the month but i was never hard enough.

I still am having trouble getting aroused and im scared to go farther with another girl, only to get embarrassed again. I really need help, and as of right now, I am only one week with out porn and im scared nothing is going to work.

I used to watch porn around 3 times a day for an entire year so I'm thinking that is the problem. I'm really trying everything and I really don't see me being able to be horny again.

Does anyone with the same type of experience gone through this and succeeded? This would really help if yes. Thank you for your time. Hopefully after 1 year of searching ive found the right thing to do.


Hello brother im really sad to hear about you ,i dont have any how you went so close to being laid at the age of 16 but thats all right. This is known as erectile dysfunction it is probably because of your excessive porn use .now im no one to tell you this ,but i think you should get a mentor or life coach who you believe can help u with this,in the end its your choice and thw only way to get your erection back is to leave porn for a long time lime 140 days or so.
So all the best brother



Hello brother thank you for your response it means a lot. I have stopped porn for over 2 weeks now! That is a big accomplishment for me. I am going to try to cut it out of my life completely.
Side note: many of my friends my age have already had sex at 16! Now, In my case I have realized I was not ready to have sex and I felt like I had to do it. But I am happy it happened because if I didn?t get into that experience I would have never found this site, and I would still be watching porn everyday.


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That was exactly my thoughts Joshuar. I tried to have sex and I failed miserably; I am only 18. Instead of beating myself up about it, I viewed it as a learning experience. Great, I thought. I have PIED. And, I now know how to fix it.

Best of luck on your journey!


Hey Joshuar,

How's your reboot going so far? After reading your posts, it made me think that your PIED may be simply not related to P. While it seems quite clear that your daily use of P may impair your sex life in the long run, I would look more closely to performance anxiety in your case. What you are describing is quite common when experiencing sex for the first couple of times. I've experienced it myself and most of my friends too. Nonetheless, it is a good thing that you try and stop PMO at 16, because as you will get older, it will only get worse, and that I can assure you of.

Best thing to win over performance anxiety is to accept mentally that you are a faillible and imperfect human being, and share your anxiety with your partner. As soon as she will accept it and empathize with you about it, you will feel stronger and much less stress. Give yourself some time to try it out.

Safe journey bro!


Hello, Thanks for your response! I am now one month with no porn!!
Yes I think my I might have performance anxiety too, but it would still be good to cut porn out of my life completely especially because I know that porn is part of the problem.
Again, thank you.


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Good luck to you, for me it is always a matter of diversion and making yourself pretty busy. I did it, and you can  do it.