Question about masturbation


Hello all, I am now over 2 weeks no porn but I have a question.
While u am quitting porn and staying on my journey of a porn free life, will it set me back, or is it okay to masturbate using my imagination (not using a porn fantasy)? Or should I be cutting masturbation out of my life completely.
I do have PIED so I wasn?t sure if I needed to stop everything or stop only porn and porn fantasy.
If I were you I would abstain from all sexual stimulation for a solid 2/3 months (though if you are young as me (19) you will need more time). What you want from the reboot is to tell your brain that it will get sexual stimulation only by another human being and not yourself. You?ve been conditioned to rely on yourself and a screen to have some sort of sexual relief and if you keep on masturbating you will be enhancing those brain pathways. So my recommendation is to stay away from it as much as you can