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Hello everyone!
I am 19 years old I came across porn at the age of 12. At 16 I used to watch it everyday and this was the time I started masturbating. I was eager to know how to actually fap but now I really do regret it. I just lost my better self. It changed me completely.

The reason for me to watch porn was depression. I've been depressed since past 6-7 years. I get suicidal thoughts very often! I used to abstain myself from pmo since past 2 years(Longest streak was of 25 days).

While in between those years I happened to found my first love back! She was the reason I was depressd. Also she was the reason I stayed away from pmo for 6months. I guess love heals everything. But the sad part is we broke up and I was back to my regular routine within a month!
Just a few months ago I happened to come across and I reached my longest streak after breakup (70 odd days). Again I relapsed and trying to get back on track since past 2 months but I am not able to.

I feel like I don't have any strong reason to start reboot! I try to convince myself but all the efforts are seem to be useless!

Can anybody give me any advice?
Lost all hopes :(


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Good morning! or evening. Whatever.
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You mentioned that you think there isnt a good reason to reboot because you broke up? Thats a pretty fucked up attitude to have buddy. In other words you were doing it not for yourself, but for some girl who just broke up with you anyway!
Stop that type of thinking. Do the reboot for yourself now. You owe yourself that much. And once you have recovered again, your confidencce will return and youll be able to get an even better girl than before!