need your support and this is my story


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hi my name is Ahmed i'm new to this site , i want to share with u guys my story of porn , the spark of pornography started with me when i was in my friend's house as we were looking for games website that was when i was 10 years old , my friend told me that u have to see something would make u interested,i was wondering what is he going to show me until he opened a pornography web-site i was in shocked what the hell is that he told that it's really good and i would enjoy it . fortunately i didn't have internet connection so i couldn't open any web-site, i forgot about that thing till my parents  decided to enter the net connection to our home and here i started my really sad story .

in the age of 14 i stated masturbation not on porn but on  WWE wrestling divas it was such a daily thing to me , a year after when i was in my 9th grade i started to watch pornography unceasingly till i turned to become an athletic person by the beginning of the high school as a result i stopped porn for 1 year and 2 months roughly , by the second semester of the second grade of my high school i returned to watch porn however this time was really the start of the crisis, year after year and i became more addictive , simultaneously my self-esteem has been shocked and my study level wasn't like before , after my first year of college, and specifically on my Holiday i met a person who became my really best friend but it was a deep love so we were kissing on the cheeks every time we say goodbye until we felt that what was going is wrong and we'll lead us to be a gay so we decided to break our friendship and i was upset for that so we returned to become friends with out any physical connection, all this period almost 3 months without porn, till i turned back to watch porn but this time was worse than before i really was a horrible masturbater :-[

A year after that i was 21 years old i met a friend of mine he was my neighbor but we haven't been friends but we became friends after we had joined the same tennis club he was really good friend but in one day he kissed me on my cheek when were saying good bye to each other and he gave me everyday a kiss i was trying to avoid this until we where talking alone we started to kiss me and turned back until i fucked him , that day was the worst day in my life ever couldn't imagine what did happen but i realized that if i didn't watch the porn my life wouldn't take this path we didn't see each others we were however although i knew that it was the main reason for my problems ,my porn addiction hasn't stopped after this event. i traveled to complete my studies overseas and to start new life however i mad some success but still my porn addiction beyond most of my bad decisions and successive failure .. i felt very horrible about it and i entered this site to share with you my painful story and to start my reboot program from today so please wish me all the best to return my life back