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Controversial subject I now but has anyone got good experience with software that they can recommend? I have had success with my phone which used to be my go to source but now I need something for my computer. I know it will also take work and responsibility but I see this as a first step to help me move away from the harmful effects.



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Hey Raymond,

I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have without blockers so it's a great step for you. However realise that blockers aren't 100% foolproof, they are however great ways to slow down urges and realise what you're getting yourself into.

I've been using Norton Family, it's 60 euros a year for up to 5 (mobile) devices. It helped me a lot, my wife has the 'parent' account and she can monitor whatever I do on my phone, laptop or whatever I use. Additionally I have enabled Google SafeSearch and restricted mode. This means that I really don't have any access to any form of pornography or other visual stimulation. I've heard many people having a lot of succes with Covenant Eyes as well. It's also an accountability software and it send random screenshots to your accountability partner. Apps that are helpful are BlockerX, Blocksite and Appblock. If you're using Google Chrome, you can also set up parental controls on your Google account that'll help you. If you're dedicated enough, create a fake parent account to set up the parental controls, and use some impossible to remember password that you're not writing down anywhere like UIFESLUFNdsnfre8493t49joerlsd or whatever your creativity comes up with!

With many blockers you'd really need some accountability partner, I don't know if you have one but it would be really helpful to let someone in on your struggle. I'd advice getting some paid service to block content, it makes you more invested into quiting since else you're just throwing your money away.

All the best of luck!


Thanks Sanders,

Really really helpful advice!

I know its not 100% but I need something to help me at the start!


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Hello Raymond,

I used K9 Web protector and Custodio together.

May I give you my advice with my own experience using porn filters? If you want to use porn filters, please you need to prevent having the urge to find out how to bypass. Don't try to bypass it. I'd say never try it out. Why?

Because if you found out a way, and there is in my experience always a way, the porn filter loses it's protection completely and then you need to set the porn filter again correctly, to prevent this bypass way from happening again.

For me this cycle repeated again and again and I got very frustrated. It didn't work out for me in the end. Instead of finding out my root cause of my addiction and working on improving myself and my life, I spend all my energy messing with porn filters. So I got rid of all software. This was my bad experience with using porn filters.

I know you asked for good experience. I was able to completely block the whole internet. Not even a single image or video I could find. But unfortunate, I was also successful in finding a bypass every time...

I hope the porn filters mentioned by Sanders is working for you. I have no experience with those and perhaps time has changed and better filters are in the market place. I used the above filters from 2015 to 2017 I think.

Take care



Thanks zaraki888,

Your input is also very important and I understand your concerns. I get that filters are only a support mechanism and that the real issue lies in understanding the causes of the addiction. I think as a tool, it will help in the short-term to help with the long-term goal.