weed and PE

hey, i just want  to share sth that happens to me, to see if sb know why it happens.

the thing is that i have had PE all my life, I have had sex many times but never more than 1 minute in a vagina. well, in terms of masturbation, i cum mostly always earlier than i would like to. i think that if i would take more time to masturbate, i would improve my PE..

well, i have noticed since many time ago, that when i am high on pot, it takes more time to me to cum. for example, i relapsed with porn twwo days ago and lasted like 6 minutes to come ( i was 1 month without PMO). yesterday, while i was high, i relapsed and i take the whole video (17 minutes) to cum.

it seems that i have more control to come when i am high, does anyone know why this could happen?