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I have terrible OCD coupled with my crippling anxiety  and it is affecting my life. Sometimes I think about things that are not real. I want to get over it. How can I do it? Do you have suggestions?


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Hey Gambitcho.

The first thing to do is to recognize that these effects MAY be symptoms of addictions / p addiction. Think back to when you first discovered P, did you have these conditions already or did you only notice them later on? If you only noticed them later on, then its a telltale sign that these conditions were CAUSED by p addiction. That said, your primary objective should be to reboot from P. Go check out YBOP if this is your first time rebooting and learn the basics to recovery while also educating yourself about the addiction. YBOP also has great resources that talk about OCD and severe anxiety and how they  are related to P. If I were you, I would start there.