When you believe in magic


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Great news for you and a great update. Glad to hear that you are not thinking that much about porn. I have my days where I think about it and most where I don't. I hope that continues to grow stronger.

Take care.


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Days 117 to 123

Nothing extraordinary to share, except that I get rock hard boners when I take naps in the afternoon for some reason. I feel them forming when I'm dozing off and they are still there when I wake and linger in bed. I am also leaking semen left and right every day for the past few days. Especially, with my bowel movements. Haven't had any more sex though. Haven't had the opportunity. I don't feel particularly horny, but I am not flatliney anymore. I've been doing more yoga and I so appreciate my yoga classmates in tights. They brighten my week.

See you soon!
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