Maybe a flatline?

Morning all!
so 10 days ago i STUPIDLY relapsed and pmod after 105 days after  having a few too many drinks. Stupid I know.

I never experienced any sort of flatline until yesterday. Up until yesterday my flaccid penis was bigger than it was when I was pmoin but now it has shrivelled up back to how it was when I was fapping. I?ve had a dull headache for 2 days and although I used to suffer with bad depression, brain fog and anxiety after relapsing in the past I?ve hardly felt any of those.
I?ve had flatlines in the past the were severe but I?m not sure if this is a flatline. Had anyone else experience anything similar?


quick edit: also could I have lost all the progress i made during those 105 days? I didn?t binge, just the once. I suffer with pied.