I get hard during foreplay but then I lose the erection. HELP


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So I?m 18 and basically I just started hanging out with this really attractive girl and I?m actually really interested in her. So we were making out the other day and I was able to get hard then but as soon as she started going down on me I started to go soft. We got interrupted and stopped, but later on we were about to actually get into sex and as soon as I put it in I went from hard to soft after like 3 strokes. I?m just so unbelievably embarrassed and need help ASAP.


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ayo im 18 too and i deadass have the same exact problem. i was getting with this hot girl last week and after an hour of foreplay we decided to fuck but i couldn't get hard at all. she sucked me off for a minute to encourage me but my hard lasted for 1 stroke and i looked up at her only to see her laughing at my pathetic dick lmao. fr tho im quitting porn for 10 weeks to see if that helps, ive been wathcing 5-15 times a week since i was 13 so i think im just desensitized to normal sex at this point. lets do this journey together brotha