110 days P-free. 37 days M/O-free. Seeing improvements in PIED recovery

Hey, Fellow fapstronauts! I am a 22-year-old guy who got addicted to porn since 10. Didn't have PIED symptoms till 19 but was a virgin. Only after that, the erections' quality started deteriorating.

Today is my 110 days porn free. A landmark I thought I won't reach but I did. And this is really just a humble beginning to the rest of my life of monk mode and only real sexual interactions. There have been days in this journey where I have felt nearly healed from PIED. Nearly 100% erections most of the time. 90% Morning Wood almost every other day (though I lose it when I stand up) and more qualitative desire for real women. But I have also had extremely heartbreaking and hopeless days and still have those days frequently.

For the first 77 days or so I did M every other day and I think it did slow down my recovery. But since I quit it entirely I have seen tremendous progress. I know the journey is not linear and there will be more difficult days ahead but I am willing to commit myself fully to monk mode (till I feel like having a real intimate connection- but as of now I just want to go at least 6 months monk mode without trying anything) with yoga, workout and good diet sleep and meditation every day. Best of luck everyone! more power to you.