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I?ve been addicted to porn for about 40 years. I?m 51 now. I?ve tried white knuckling, 12 steps, a couple different therapists and Christian residential treatment program in Kentucky. The longest I have been ?sober? was for 7 months in 2019 and last year for about six months. Both times I just picked up where I left off. My marriage well if it?s not over it?s on life support. My wife poor woman deserves better than me. Any way I saw reboot nation on YouTube and figured I would post here. I?m miserable but so far sober today. I last acted out yesterday of course I didn?t tell my wife or my accountability partner. I have a real problem with honesty and accountability.


Hi busmechanic, man thank you for sharing your story and welcome to the reboot nation. Good news, in this platform nobody is going to judge you because we are all in the same boat. I myself have struggled with porn for about 18 years now.

If you need an accountably partner I will be willing to help "us" out. Star by trying to get Reboot Nation content or info for 15 minutes a day, you will se a difference in a few days. Doing this will keep you alert even when you are in a long strike.

Besides that, hope you stay clean today! 
Busmechanic, just did my first post too and I'm finally ready to change after more than 20 years of addiction. I'm happy we're here. It takes a lot of resolve to take that first step. Good luck brother. I know we can beat this. I recommend meditation. It really has helped me in seeing my thought patterns and how I react to craving. 
You seem like depressive to quit porn. Remember this : THIS IS THE BEST THING YOU DID. You have to be happy to quit porn. You must not have the feeling to leave something useful for you. The only thing you leave is nothing.
I advice some guys to read an ebook to pemite them to quit porn forever without feeling oneself sad and lethargic. I think this resource will be the best think for you to read. In any case, this is what allowed me to leave PMO on my side and I know that I will never return to it. And I'm sure you too, after reading this, will no longer be addicted to pornography. Good luck.

Ebook :