Becoming a true man

Day 7:
I received the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday and had some side effects during the night. The stress of it, I realized, fueled my urges to watch porn. I slipped for 5 minutes. I started browsing porn websites, but I did not come close to touching myself. I knew what I was doing in the moment was wrong. I mustered the strength to click off the sites and went to sleep after.

Staying strong.


Hope you're staying strong man! I can identify I a lot with what you've been through, COVID has made my problem worse... but we have to step up for ourselves and reach our full potential!


Do not you, man. You will abuse it and live free, do not worry, I am just like you and I fight alone, my life and my future is about to be lost because I am in high school this year and I try to escape from porn but I fall .... We all suffer my friend # I agree to be your partner in the matter if ..  Contact me on my mail.  Be strong, success is achieved by persistence and accept that you are weak.