PIED- Nocturnal Emissions

Hey, rebooters!
39 days in hard mode just had my first nocturnal emission (wet dream) yesterday night. It was a bit porn like, so I am confused if the wet dream is a good thing or a bad one. Does it set back my progress or is it a sign of progress in itself. Are there any consequences? Please share your insights, especially the people who have had similar experiences.
Thank you!


Wet dreams are not a relapse because you didn't intentionally bust. That's part of the journey right there because it tells you that you're succeeding. Most of the time the wet dreams comes from succubus, porn memories that you remembered watching like videos and pictures, sexual/porn fantasies so you might want to watch out for that stuff.
hervesta said:
It may set you into a flatline though, keep that in mind. Its a good sign youre healing

I did feel like a day of flatline after the nocturnal emission but the next day everything seemed normal. I have started to feel that wet dreams are completely inconsequential in the journey.