Choosing Intimacy Over Porn

Day 47

I had a dream I acted out last night. Today I feel urges and question how can I get through this?

I am also asking myself "Do you really want to quit this? You love it."

That isn't really what I want but I am feeling some type of way. I miss what's bad for me.

My life is better without it and this is the first time I've felt such strong cravings. Even if I wanted to act out I am physically unable to which is good.

Going to a meeting and talking with a sponsor today.
Day 48

Today no cravings. Just goes to show that these urges are ephemeral.

I went to my SPAA meeting and that helped dissolve the cravings. Talking to my sponsor helped too. When my girlfriend came home we talked about it too.

I just wanted to update my journal and say the craving is non existent today.

One day of cravings out of 48 is a win for me.
Today marks 65 days since I last acted out. Cravings come but are dismissed. What has helped was communication, keeping busy and going to SPAA meetings every week. Make that change in your life. I am already better than I was 65 days ago.


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Awesome progress ! There will be days you finished without even thinking about PMO, that's when you have truly put everything behind and move on to a new chapter !

change is possible indeed, all the best !
Today is 100 days. The longest I’ve ever went!

The past 20 days have been a bit harder than the first 80. I am not sure why but I find myself mourning my addiction.

However, acting out is not an option. I just have to deal with the uncomfortable feelings and keep open communication with my partner.

I have to stop thinking about it. This takes work but I am proud of my hundred days.