PIED- Some Questions.

I am a 22-year-old guy with PIED who started watching porn from age 10 and had my first kiss at age 18 and one failed PIV (lost erection while putting on the condom) at age 21 last year after which I quit porn. Never escalated to anything too extreme and watched 20-minute sessions every other day.

Currently, I am 60 days in my hard mode reboot of no porn, no masturbation, no orgasm, no fantasy and no testing. I used to get close to 100% erections during my initial days of No PMO but when I continued to fantasize. But after I stopped fantasizing obviously I haven't had them. Also, I started experiencing regular morning wood somewhere around day 30. I have some questions- please help me out.

1. Even though I have morning wood almost every day, it fades within a minute or a few seconds of me standing up. One day around day 20 of my hard mode I experienced a morning erection that didn't fade for 5 minutes even when I was standing up. I felt fully healed. But that has never happened since. Does anyone else experience similar things? And if so, does it improve on its own or is rewiring with a real person required for that?

2. Is rewiring (with or without O) absolutely essential for a virgin to become completely sexually normal or do some virgins become healed even without rewiring?

3.Do long periods of abstinence from masturbation make someone asexual or does libido return eventually without a partner?

4. I have had 2 wet dreams in these 60 days. Both dreams were porn-ish. Although I didn't feel any setback (only a day or so of feeling low)- what's their whole deal?

5. Please be honest- given my age of addiction, no sexual experience (apart from kissing and making out) and my present condition as I have described above- am I looking at a long reboot?

Thanks for reading- it will be incredibly helpful if I could get answers to these.