Out of cage. 8 months without PMO. DE&PIED cured


References and ambient

This is huge! That quote about you is the average of the 5 people you most spend time with is so fcking true.

Is related to the concept of you setting your ambient that valorizes the behaviors that you wanna possess. And why works so well? because we have a necessity to be part of that ambient/group, so we will copy the behaviors of the majority.

Example: I am following more bodybuilders on Instagram and youtube that I admire for some months. What changed to me? My training in the gym is much more intense, my goals are higher (i want at least 220 pounds with around 10-12% body fat), and I am more consistent in my diet, which is easier now.

Example 2: I am following more multimillionaires on Instagram and youtube that I admire for some months. What changed to me? My goals are higher financially, I started to copy some behaviors of these men and women, especially consistent/discipline and changing my references/ambient.

So I suggest you do the same because that influences you a lot in changing your results and the identity that you like.

keep strong


BIG changes

Ending the actual relationship that doesn`t work anymore, changing career, starting to visit a therapist and talking about all your past, starting to date more beautiful girls...

What is the worst scenario if you take that decision?

And what is the good scenario if works?

Sometimes we are afraid of taking these big decisions because we are afraid of the unknown, but when we face the worst scenario and the good one we have more details about what makes us paralyzed.

Remembering that what we are most scared of probably are the things we should do.


Change of plan

I will no more write daily. Will reduce to 1x per week, on Wednesdays.

If anyone wants to talk to me, just send me an inbox message.

80/20 - chunking



The power of nonconformity

Until you aren't fully nonconformist about the way you are living in a particular area of your life, you probably won't change, won't transform yourself to a new version.

I only quit that addiction when i was so pissed of, fully nonconformist about the way i was living, the opportunities i was missing, the time, the energy...i was tired of accepting that reality to myself, to live that way for the rest of my life. I was tired of kind of accepting that addiction in my life, that was in part good. NO! These behaviors destroy our lives gradually, our minds, hope, opportunities...for how long you will stand sitting on a steel spike? for how long you will keep accepting that life to you, for people next to you?

Decide that for yourself to a point where you will do whatever it takes to quit that addiction to your life.

I was reluctant to look for a therapist, saying to myself that i didn't need it. But when i decided i needed to do whatever it takes to beat that addiction one of my steps was to start therapy. I was so fcking scared about telling about my problems, my addictions to another person, but my will to quit was waaaay bigger than my fear to look for a therapist. So i did it, and was one of my best decisions in life.

That is why i also say that what you fear most is probably where you should go, despite the fear.

power of your word

When we are addicted we lost the power of our word, because we say we will do something, we say we will quit, but every time we do the opposite thing.

So in part what we need to do is to regain that confidence in our own word. If we say we will do something, we do something. 80/90% of the time at least.

Start with little things, and then you start giving your word for bigger things/projects.


That is one of the biggest things that influence your behaviors.

If you walk with sharks, you will be a shark eventually.

So how are you walking with? you are the smartest person at the table, because if so, you should sit at another table with people way better than you.

Part of the journey to quit the addiction is also changing your ambients, is always living out of your comfort zone...because if you are scared to do the little things, how can you beat bigger things? ISN'T POSSIBLE. if your references/ambient in life are pulling you down every time, HOW CAN YOU CHANGE?

my past week

I participated 3 times in the toastmaster's reunion with active roles, and I will get another membership in another toastmaster club - taking advantage that meetings are still online. I want to intensify that to beat my fears of public speaking, my limiting beliefs about my communication.

walk the talk my friends

stay strong



As I said, I took another membership in Toastmasters, so I will do double of what I am doing right now. This area is one of my priorities for this year, facing that fear.

My number one priority is to get R$100.000,00 in 7 days through my work until 30 november.

I started to visualize daily what I want, by morning. That is a nice exercise to enter in the frequency of what you want, to really believe in what you want.

Also got back with my to-do list daily, that was something I stopped to do but is so powerful, you gain confidence in your word, you say that you will do and you do it. So when you want bigger things, is easier to do it, you already believe in yourself.


Your new bible

Read and apply atomic habits. Is life-changing. Is your nem bible.

I am still doing that for some months, rereading and applying, and did develop consistent habits like playing guitar every day, studying a foreign language every day, eating consistently 80/90% of the time, going to the gym 5/7x times per week, meditating every day...

Frequency comes before excellence


Enrolled to do more 7 speeches in toastmasters in the next month and a half. Finished level 1.

I had my Facebook business account hacked last week, they spent around 500$ on my account. Fortunately fb recognized it and gave the money back.

Gained 5 kgs in the last 40 days. I will go back in the nutritionist next monday to see how much of that is muscle mass

I am still fighting in work to make it right, the R$100.000,00 in 7 days in product launch. I made the promise to do it until 3/12/2021. I keep repeating twice a day that according to the book think and grow rich. Visualizing myself already in the possession of that money. And besides that, obviously, i am working.



That IS A HUGE CONCEPT that all of us should understand and reflect on it deeply.

It is was made me free from addiction, it is what I am doing to get better in my communication, in my body, in my career, in my relationships

Some keys about that:

1.You have to understand where you are now: how you behave, what are your fears, your limits.
2. You have to understand the journey: how you are gonna get there, following someone else path/guide? try and error? alone? taking a course?
3. You have to understand the final journey, how you will be like, how will be different, what will be your mentality.

That may sounds cliché to you, but is just because we have a tendency to think that to change ourselves we have to discover a genius move, a complex move. After all, if we couldn't change until now, is because we didn't find the perfect solution, the aha idea that will turn you into an overnight success, a new whole person.

That doesn't happen. And I am not saying that transforming, changing behaviors is easy, it's hard, but we have to have clear in our mind our path, our journey. Where we are going. Where we are now.

And many obstacles will appear in your journey, you will fail, inevitably. But we can't let these things stop us, we have to keep going, looking where you are going, your big why, your new vision of yourself. If you don't have that very clear to you, you will inevitably go back to the old you.

That is why in my opinion law of attraction works because you keep reinforcing to yourself the new you, your new identity. And you start behaving as your new identity would. But you gotta repeat to yourself over and over the new you, visualizing, feeling.

And every big problem that appeared in your journey will turn on into a small one after you keep going on your journey.

If you are focusing on your problems, grieving about your situation, you will expand that more and more in your life.

So instead of that, focus on the new you, every fucking day, don't let any of these limiting thoughts take place in your mind, even if you have to fake it until you make it. Fall in love with your new version, shape the way you want it.

Alling your WHOLE LIFE with your new identity. Like you already achieve it. Print a picture that reminds you and see it every day, write down your new vision and read twice a day, don't let any of these negative thoughts get into your mind, substitute them for your new identity.

what are your thoughts about that?