Towards a new journey!!!

Hi i am harry, 25 virgin..
I was a porn addict,i started watching porn at age 16.i still remember my hard erections at that age.i have done a lot of masturbation including prone masturbation twice thrice a day sometimes whole day.when i met a real girl and i couldn't able to get erection at all.i met sexologist and he suggested me to stay away from porn at all.i am taking his medicines.
I am in my 3rd week of rewiring with no morning last week was full of craving  sometimes i had morning woods but i managed with no PMO.
I am a sailor i have to stay almost 6 months at sea..i hardly using fb,insta just sometimes lil chat with new girls that too very less and watching you tube interestinng videos whenever i get internet access..
I do my exercise including cycling,tredmill,and pelvic floor exercises.
My pushing myself beyond my limitations.This is my 3rd week of rewiring n feeling energetic,fresh and no libido at all.
I love my partner whenever i saw her i get a good i am in a long distance,i do video calls and sexting twice or once a week,and i get erection easily lying on bed by stimulating my dick but looses quick as i stood up.these also increase my urge to masturbate but i managed to get away from that urge and i avoid masturbation.

Kindly advice that video calls and sexting with partner is beneficial to rewiring.??
I personally feel that sexting could harm your progress as you are wiring your sexuality to a screen. Even though the girl you are sexting is real, it's similar to porn in my mind, which is something we want to stay away from. As you mentioned, the sexting increases your temptation for MOing. The choice is ultimately yours on whether you feel it's appropriate, you know yourself better than anyone else.

You are in a perfect spot right now. Think about it, 6 months at sea. For many men, this could be a nightmare. I would look at your situation and use it to go hard mode. No masturbating and no testing for erections. I am personally trying that out right now, and beginning my journey, just like you. If you aren't feeling any libido, you might be in the flatline. Learn to live in it and learn to enjoy it. You can use it to your advantage to abstain from masturbating while at sea. Once your libido returns, you will have built up self-control and a long streak that is worth continuing.

6 months is a good amount of time to recover, but you shouldn't guarantee that you will be cured once it's over. If you are cured, then great, use your newfound libido on the girl waiting for you at the shore. My last streak was ~75 days and I felt signs of recovery, but I will never set myself a specific timeline on which I will guarantee I am cured. I believe that only sets you up for failure. We have different body chemistries and require different times to recover. It may take you 2 weeks, 6 months, or 6 months and 1 day until you feel confident that change has been made. Continue to reaffirm why you have chosen to abstain from porn and masturbation. I have failed at sex before and it was unbelievably awkward and defeating. Since I never want to feel that again, and since I want to have a long-term relationship, I'm going to continue hard mode. I write this advice for you, but I am really telling myself this because I've just started. Best of luck.

Thanks for  suchh advicee.. got No such craving for sex and wants to continue no pmo.regarding my patner when i see her on calls i get craving but i manage with no MO.and trying to get rid of sexting 3rd week has brought good energy to continue futhur...