Diary of thoughts (24)

Day 1: I didn't see my last relapse as going back to square one. Because there were many things different this time, first there was no P, second I stopped in middle of M multiple times, third after O the first thought was how did that happen I wasn't even aroused? and the last, I didn't go for round two. Let me explain round two, immediately after jerking off I would have started doing again to have O the second time. This as far as I understood from YBOP is because you don't get the same high from one time alone because you have been doing it for so long that brain starts reducing the amount of dopamine receptors, so you go for the multiple rounds.

Time for sharing something from my collection,
"Ever tried
Ever failed?
No matter
Try again, Fail again.
Fail better !"

"You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up"
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