My trip with porn


welcome... First of me , I am a young Arab and live in Arabic ...  My story begins from the age of 12, and now at the age of 18 .... I had a friend that was this friend sitting with me in the classroom and he became a reason for  my problems in life.. 😔He is the person who opened my eyes on my porn and sexual materials online ..... he is tell me how to find these ugly articles and leave me so far  Until now ,, With knowledge I do not know anything about sex or porn materials in that time,  ,,  But how do we change the past ...? does not happen.. 😢 With I was small in that time and did not for this matter, but it was stored inside ... at that time t I was interested in studying and hard work on lessons in the school and I was proud of myself because I was getting final grades in other articles last year. And continued the case so, and I am not the nearest pornography and you are no parents ,,, until I become in the ninth grade and before entering high school ...  In the ninth grade this year, I have passed some difficult pressure and this has enabled me to empty the energy of these pressure and escape from them to porn online and watch It raises his taste in life ....  From here, I have become a lot of porn consumption. And my life has changed a hundred degrees whenever I saw his papers and I masturbated a lot . All this was happening and I'm not sure what is going to and what caused these problems and I did not know the Porn damage me and convergence on the brain...  ,, I would realize that it was the reason for everything and this was a One and a half years ago Since now Almost ......  ,,,  I have read and I knew in the year and half his damage and i thank God for that. Since the first year 2020 I took the first real decision to get out of this straight and escape from porn .... And watch porn online and masturbation . But .....  😢😔😔How to get this .... Because I was masturbating a lot and his vagina and watched the porno so much for that was hard I'm fleeing from her first time plus the destructive effects when you get out of them ... Yes there is a painful withdrawal And diseases Painful and difficult withdrawal .....  So I returned to the viewing and masturbation for these symptoms. The most difficult symptoms is non-help, legacy and non-conscious And The ignorant environment and you do not find who helps you in the problem ...  But I decided that Go in this  road is alone . I have been tried and tired of introducing the withdrawal of porn is devastating frankly But I have not surrendered and will not surrender until I get out of porn forever Yes I will not surrender, all I learn and increase insistence . I have succeeded in the last twice that Remove them for two weeks and then Back again..  And see again unfortunately . In these experiences, I know the meaning of pure and beautiful life without porn and the sense of freedom from them and will fight for those of the freedom Forever . What is the nicest to be free and pure and the center of the mind and is not distracted from the effects of porn.What is the nicest you are without porn? And what is nicer to return a natural person! We all have to fight for that we have to be dispensed with forever, we must make it from the past to live a wonderful and prosperous future ....  In the end I would like a partner to complete with me the way towards light and recovering ... Is there anyone wanting to help me If you can send me here👉🏻?????????  [email protected]  ?????? And  Thanks...