Day 150|I felt almost healed for 25% of the month|I hope I heal soon|I'm content


This last month was somehow the best in terms of progress yet at the same time I had the worst flatlines. I started off month 4 in the middle of a terrible phase of losing literally every healing sign for almost 9 days; no MW, NW, NRB, libido, hope, etc. Yet at the end of it I went through a week of basically feeling 80% healed somehow, which was unexpected cause I suspected me to feel like this when I hit like month 6 or something (because based on the average healing time for PIED on my age range and addiction severity I should be healed with 6-8 months of noPMO). I had for the first time in a year random erections but only a few that week, some spikes of libido that felt like urges to watch porn... but instead for a real authentic connection to actual women (I haven't felt urged to watch porn since day 77), I had MW and NW every day, my mood was extremely positive. However that went away again for about a week then came back but better this time!.... for 5-6 days then left me again... only to come back again (this time the same quality, not better) but only for one day, and now here we are. I should also mention that during this month I have been getting flashbacks still, but they seem to be getting weaker now and are only of things that are waaaay deep in my memory. I can also sometimes summon a boner just by touch now. I am hoping and praying that these next 30 days I will see significant progress on my healing of PIED and all the effects porn has had on me, and that I heal FULLY soon.