The best thing you can read against PMO !

:-* Gentlemen,

I feel angry when I see how determined you are to quit porn and how many times you have fallen into the trap. What I want to say is that it must be very hard for your mindset to fail again and again and again. All people who come to Reboot Nation must be here only for a few time to make sure they have quitted porn forever and to finally be able to live their lives without any probleme linked to porn. But, there are still too many people present for too long on Reboot Nation because they hope that one day they will wake up without any desire to watch porn.
Let me tell you my story.

I am an 18 year old French man and I realized my addiction to PMO when I was 16. After successive failures over a little over a year, I fell into depression no longer knowing how I was going to get out of this addiction. I also had the terrible feeling of guilt that I was brought up by a traditionalist family. I had become very irritable and lethargic. I couldn't do anything in my life anymore and I just couldn't enjoy life anymore. In addition, I had a serious handicap to cope with PMO. I was and still am not in a relationship (I am but I have never had sex before).

I was constantly making excuses for not trying to fight addiction any longer, telling myself that it was society's fault or even my own parents' fault. After giving up my arms in front of the porn, I masturbated 3 to 5 times a day with sometimes a clearly incomplete erection. In short, after giving up I was leading a very miserable life.

Then one day I came across a topic in the Reboot Nation forum that was several years old and came up because someone had posted a response in that same topic. I thought at first glance that this subject was indistinguishable from others that I had read and that I continued to read. But on closer inspection, he saw addiction in a whole new way. Instead of listing the good reasons to quit, he suggests that we ask us what was holding us back in addiction. The post was very synthetic but there was a link that took to a free ebook in which the author detailed step by step what for me is the best way out of this addiction. The author has lived in addiction for over 20 years and therefore seems to know what he is talking about.

It is important that people who come here regularly understand that motivation and willpower are not good weapons against PMO. It is absolutely necessary that you relativize your view of porn because I fear that your illusions about it are the main reason for your endless failures.

I am living proof that everyone can get out of this. Believe me, I was one of the worst addicts. But thank goodness I managed to overcome addiction (without sex to help me overcome this obstacle) with disconcerting ease and you too can finally enjoy life the way it should without having to go back to PMO a single once again. You can and it is extremely easy !!

For this, you only need one thing : read the entire book, being concentrated, without skipping chapters and following the instructions given. The book is available thanks to the link that I will put you below. Enjoy 😉.

Free ebook :
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I hope this book will be read by as many people as possible. The author's work is really good and the author has recently updated his site for better navigation (a bit like Gabe Deem for the Reboot Nation Forum ;) ).
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