A question about PIED and OCD I haven't seen asked (any experts here to help?)


So I have OCD and got PIED in October 2020, and through trial and error managed to get my current streak of 150+ days PMO free, to the point of not even desiring porn anymore (but of course not wanting porn doesn't fix PIED). and during my streak, more so in the latter half of my current journey, I, like everyone else with OCD escaping porn and it's effects to unwire and rewire to real life, have been getting intrusive thoughts about various things I looked at through my 5 years of porn addiction. Now this felt normal to me at first as this was a common occurrence for fellow OCD rebooters, but in the recent weeks (I should note that I am in a flatline right now) I have been getting a TON flashbacks to really old things I watched the first year I got addicted, as if my mind were a thick tree being groomed by a gardener only for the gardener finding a bunch of rotten dried up fruit that's been sitting there for years, so the gardener throws it to the front of the yard bringing a foul smell to the whole garden. Which brings me to my questions...

1. Is my brain pruning these images to my memory a good sign or a bad sign?

2. Will this ever die down as I go into the later months like when I hit month 7?

3. Most importantly, will this stop my PIED from ever going away? I need to know this mostly because I don't wanna waste all this time abstaining from PMO only to not get anything done here...