Long flatline and PIED



i’m currently on day 81 of hardmode, ive been noticing hard nocturnal erections but when I wake up I still have no libido and dead penis through out the day.. is this normal or has anyone experienced this? I am worried that I’m broken.. please help.

Gabe Deem

Staff member


Hey @Sangiha,

First, congrats on 81 days! That's awesome 🙌

Second, yes, feeling little to no libido and like you have a "dead penis" is extremely common among rebooters. We call this the "flatline."

I suggest watching my flatline video discussing just about everything I can say on the topic here: The FLATLINE: Everything You Need to Know

To read about the flatline see this article on YBOP: Young Porn Users Need Longer to Recover Their Mojo (flatline)

Hope this helps! Much love.
Gabe!!!! Thanks for the reply!

i know you had quite a long flatline, i think i’m similar because ive been in flatline pretty much since day one. Some days i feel a little healed but mostly super flat.. ive watched all of your videos multiple times, it helps me feel better about what i am going through. I still cant help being frustrated and scared but people like you are very inspiring. I will keep trucking with this reboot! Much love.