[HELP I'm scared] Questions on recovery and withdrawal symptoms


Hi, I'm on day 20 and I have a few questions, but first I'll give some context:

I have PIED but I don't crave P at all, I sometimes get flashbacks but that's it. I discovered I have PIED because I got a new gf a few months ago and after getting my blood analysis done (all right) and overcoming performance anxiety, I still couldn't keep it up. The thing is I could get an erection with my her, but it wouldn't last if touched or if we tried to do anything with it, cum without orgasm would sometimes get out tho even if the erection wasn't 100%
In the first days I had a higher sex drive, but no porn cravings. After 1 week I had my first MW, actually got three of them, until everything stopped. Right now it feels dead but when I pee cum gets out pretty often.

I don't feel like I crave porn, but videos are the only thing that makes it work, I think I watched 1 video a day for 8 years or so tbh and nothing extreme, so maybe that's why I still have erections (with my gf only) but they don't last enough?
Then I think I'm flatlining cause my genitals reduced in size a lot and I feel very low libido but it's not 0, I still feel something, is that normal?
Wouldn't it be too early for a flatline?
A few days ago I was with my gf and even though I wouldn't get aroused at all before, we got naked and cuddled, and eventually, I got an erection and something came out but the erection wasn't even 80% probably...is this normal too?
I also started experiencing SEVERE anxiety a few days ago, my stomach hurt so bad and I couldn't eat or breathe well, is this a normal symptom?
My psychiatrist prescribed me Lorazepam, will it slow down recovery?
Or does it just heal the symptom while I recover?
Btw I am also quitting gaming, so could that be related?
Could gaming slow down my recovery or could quitting it (I'd do it anyway) worsen my symptoms?
Maybe this sounds normal to all of you but I just don't know where I fit between the people on the forum and it's scaring me...
Hey man
First of all, congrats on 20 days! Thats amazing. Secondly, I'd like to add that that intermediary spot of having some libido sounds very normal to me. It might (though hopefully not) be gone for a couple of weeks, too and then return unexpectedly. Regarding those 70/80% erections, I think that is pretty normal too, nothing to worry about.
Do you think it might be possible that your anxiety could be linked to stress, caffeine, alcohol, lack of sleep etc? Are you eating healthy?
In any case, I think quitting gaming is a good decision to take.


Flatlining at day 20 is definitely not too early.
Ive been flatlining since day 1 for almost 90 days now.. its brutal. I know i’ll be able to get out of this since ive been seeing progress but its definitely not linear. I recommend limiting your screen time in general, whether its gaming or social media. And it sucks when u have a girl but the fastest way to recovery is going hardmode for a few months.. it will be the toughest period in your life but you need to see it as small sacrifice needed for a much much brighter future. And let your partner in on this journey if you can. She should understand. If she doesnt and leaves you, shes not a keeper anyways. Best or luck brotha


Thanks to both of you guys, well turns out my anxiety is due to anxious attachment + my BPD fear of abandonment hitting hard, trying to work it... Meanwhile, I'll follow your suggestions and yes my girl knows and she is supportive, even though she craves it and it makes me die inside to see her like that without being able to satisfy her...