Porn free !!30 days completed!!

1)Completed 30 days without porn.
2)I was not in a hardmode.i had done video sex twice a week mostly with girlfriend shared numerous nudes pics dus to long distance relationship which made me masturbate twice after 30days of no porn and masturbation.
3)My 30 days was full of confusion.i had woods even if i slept at afternoon.sometimes hard sometimes weak erection.sometimes due to hard wood it was difficult to pee😄.sometimes i had erection without touch and sometimes had erection with touch but loose it all when i stood up and no erection at all in standing position.
4)My mind was fully craving for dopamine hit but i managed to control.
I had used fb,insta very less and gained control over it.
5)Sometimes sometimes porn stuffs automatically appeared but i control n divert out my mind from it.
The only problem exist is urge of masturbation as i was doing video sex and sharing nude pictures which force me to do masturbation two times after a streak of 28 days which gonna compensate by doing hardmode.
6)The worst habit of me is to touch my dick and stimulate it to erection.
7)i have seen a lot of changes in my body, i am very much energytic now,focused,adapting new things,learning table tennis.and my body and stomach coming in shape due to exercise.i run 1.5km and do cycling 1.5km 5days a week.
8)i am still motivated and i am not gonna watch porn at all.i am going in hardmode with no video sex and nudes sharing.
9)i have decided to go hardmode to overcome with no video sex and nudes touching my dick, improving more my braking system of my brain,control towards my craving, frustration anger.i hope i will be writing positive stuffs regarding me in next month.

See you after completing 60days!!