Hand In The Stock Market, Hand In My Pants

Amzad Ali

New Member
I'm sixteen years old, I have been suffering from a pornography addiction since I was eight years old and it has taken a toll on me. I joined this website less than five minutes ago, and my last relapse was less than 20 minutes ago. The longest I have gone without pornography was two weeks, and I'm afraid that I have caught myself in a cycle. Watch porn, take a cold shower, motivate myself to not do it again and then relapse a couple days later. Porn has destroyed every opportunity for me to become a better person, it has made me develop social anxiety to the point where I can not look at someone in the eye. When I exercise after a relapse there's no energy, and when I trade stocks (which was my dream from a younger age) my strategy suffers because my brain constantly wants its fix of dopamine. I've been someone who doesn't ask for help, so just writing this publicly is a new and big step.