I need help


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So I’ve been clean porn free for the past 4 months,more recently my sexual orientation has been swinging I know I like the woman’s but sometimes I fanta size about dudes I even went so far to almost meet up with one from the internet,I also leading up for the past week downloading hookup apps and sometimes I would constantly be checking to see if a reply came in most the time I would send suggestive photos of myself that was kind of my high seeing someone naked on the app wasn’t even that all appealing That’s when I came to the self realization I felt out of control.is this normal should I go talk with a therapist,I will keep going if it is normal.it’s just all those male fantasy popped in suddenly as well as my app addiction.iam definitely stopping the apps and everythin sorry if it’s all scrambled been up all night.


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Hello dude!! Sexting is a artificical sexual stimulation , so , to make successful reboot you need to avoid that completely!
You can beat it!