Im 30 days into my reboot, can I have sex?


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So I've had pied for about 2 years, its been a struggle to quit but not being able to have sex with a full erection is even worse. I am now 30 days into my reboot with no porn. I get erections but they are not full. Can I start having sex now? I am single and its getting rough. How long into your reboot did you start back having sex?
I started having sex as soon as I could. What I have read was that intimacy and trying doesn’t hurt, it actually helps with the rewiring and gets you on the path to healthy sex. It retrains your brain to crave real intimacy and real women instead of the digital stimulation you get from porn. As long as you’re doing it the natural way and not using porn as a tool to get there, I think you can start as long as you’re comfortable. Once my flatline was over and I was getting turned on and erections naturally without the digital stimulation, I was having sex. Just some food for thought!


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yeah sure why not? but dont do it just to "test" if your cock works. or dont constantly think "i gotta get it up!" that wont work either, itll have the opposite effect. just rewire your sexual response to the sense of real life intimacy, engaging with a person who have genuine sexual feelings for, as opposed to a screen. i found that rather than jumping straight in to the sex, it helped to touch and kiss first, when i could successfully get rock hard from that i knew i could get hard enough to plow her, without fail or anxiety. or giving her pleasure only helped too, like shoving things in her or performing other sex acts for her pleasure. either way, dont be obsessed with it and let it occur naturally