Shrunk, unresponsive, rubbery penis


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Hello guys

For the past 3 months by penis has been abnormally shrunk, very unresponsive and only useful for urination, its very scary also my balls shrunk and appears saggy when i’m resting but shrink up when i’m doing work.

i only came across nofap and RN recently so idk if my problem is porn induced as i’ve doine tests and they came out fine.

however i realised that maybe for the past 5 years i was only mastrubating with porn and when i tried to do it without it it just wont happen, i wont get hard, and when i tested recently it appeared that i’d get a maybe 60% hard but it goes away if as soon as i stop stimulating.

whats scaring me is the small rubbery unresponsive dick during the day. it goes get bigger when flaccid sometimes but never for a long time.

hope someone who has been through this can shed some light on it.


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I have the same exact problem. Dick is small and it got small after fapping to porn one day. It's like a flatline except I got into flatline by fapping to porn so I hope this is somewhat common for porn abusers?


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yep. it shrinks like a fightenend turtle. but thats normal. well, its not normal per se, but for people with PMO addiction yes, its normal