72 days porn free and counting...


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I was a massive porn addict, and used to pay around 50% of my salary towards porn subscriptions or tipping models! Problems began when I was unable to concentrate on real life. It was breakfast porn-porn between work-porn post dinner.
One day I just decided to give up. I cancelled my cards that allowed international transactions (domestic cards here don't allow such transactions). Deleted around 6 terabytes of downloaded and recorded stuff. And said enough is enough.

Apps that track paces of setbacks and success were useless for me as they reminded me of porn once and again, each day! I uninstalled them as well after 3 days of setback in a single month. This was around the 4th month of me giving up on porn.

Now finally its been 72 days and I am still porn free. I am 24 and I was a porn addict since I was 21.