I want to finally reboot without fail

Hey guys.I got into a porn use habit at the age of 13 and life has gone downhill every since.i had crippling social withdrawal and depression that brought me to the brink of suicides.Thankfully I didn't. I have been unable to have intimate relationships since my sexual attraction towards real women faded with excessive porn use due to PIED.My porn tastes have evolved over 11 years and I just want to quit porn and MO completely.I have attempted reboot for 3 years since 2018 and each time I've kept failing and the longest streak I've been on is 4 months. I've just recently been on a 10 day streak and I've been disappointed in myself

Please help guys. I really want to beat this and I wanna start a journal of my recovery here and I hope y'all support me and keep me accountable

Phineas 808

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Hi, overcome- welcome. I would suggest going under Forums, and find your age appropriate group, and then begin a journal there. Tell your story, and support others in their journals, and you will find the strength to finally overcome this!


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Hello and welcome! ten days is pretty good! eswcpecially for a fist attempt. the trick is not to give yourself too lofty goals. ultimately yes, you want to go for the full 90 days, but its a mistake to attempt to do that at the start. set little goals for youself such as go five days, then double that to ten, then go 15, etc, etc... that way you wont get discouraged when you break your streak. and you will slip up, maybe even a lot. but thats all part of the process.