Question about relapsing and healthy masturbation,can someone help me figure this trough?

Hello there! thanks for reading my post,I would like to figure out some matter concerning the topic of relapsing:
I've been keeping a steady 30 month streak No Fap Hard mode course,but at the speed of a blinking eye,I've lost it all by masturbating again,
this time,no porn,no nothing,just feeling my hand and not thinking about anything,Can someone help me figure out if this can be considered as a relapse?
or maybe healthy masturbation? Am I still on the road or should I just count from the start?
thanks for reading,have a good summer!
I’m on the fence about this as well. I’m 85 days into no PMO with great success. The other night however I gave into temptation and masturbated. No porn or hard core porn fantasy/thoughts, just touch and thinking of my wife. I’m trying to figure out if this is a relapse myself, or just healthy masturbation. I’m beating myself up about it too, but without using porn, it could be just healthy self pleasure... so I’m torn. I’m going to follow this thread and see what the consensus is.


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if you havnt set yourself a hard mode goal, and it isnt to porn or anything artificial, then sure. perhaps dont do it everyday, but theres nothing wrong with a good, hearty toss from time to time!


You said it yourself you are doing hardmode, which i think is the best and fastest way to recovery. Masturbation is a relapse in hardmode. It took Gabe deem over a year to masturbate without porn without any side effects. So until you are completely healed, I would stay away from masturbation. It also has thrown countless rebooters back into flatlines so I wouldnt risk it. Best of luck!
Thank you everyone for the reply,sadly..1 month of pogress was lost for this...I'm gonna get back on track as of today! thanks everyone for the info!