Day 1 of no PMO

I started watching porn at a young age maybe around 12. I never got into a serious relationship in my life I did have a few but not really worth mentioning.

I struggled with porn pretty much my entire life. I tried to stop but was never able to. Here I am now at 34 making a commitment to change this habit but its so bad now.

I have PIED and also watch very extreme kinds of porn which were nothing like how I started out with. I really wish I got help sooner with this and wonder how this will affect my live life long term.

I installed a porn blocker and also looking for an accountability partner to keep me accountable. I haven't really gone past 2-3 weeks before but I know I probably need about a year before I am fully recovered.

This won't be easy but I am going to do my best to have better habits and to do all I can to be a better man and live a more fulfilled life without porn. Wish me luck.


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Hello friend! Well done for taking the first step and finding the solution! dont lament over the fact that you didnt get help sooner, youve got help now so its time to reverse the brain-fuckery that PMO has inflicted on you!
take note of your triggers, even write them down if you have to.
make really small goals at first. set a goal for one day of no PMO, then the next day do the same until you have one week. then set a ten day goal, then a two week one. its good to break it down into bite sized chunks so you dont get discouraged.
also stay on this site, here youll get all the advicefrom experienced rebooters who were once in your very same position but have come out of it.