Trouble rewiring


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This is my very first post. My title refers to having difficulty recovering from porn consumption. I unfortunately indulged in this stimulus from the ages 12-21. I am currently 24 now and it's been a little longer than 3 years since I discovered the root cause of essentially all the issues I had dealt and still continue to deal with now in some capacity. To clarify I no longer use it and I do not fap at all. I did not have much sexual experience during this time and still lack in that regard. I also still have erectile issues and no libido.

I'll list some of the symptoms I dealt with during consumption and some continued after usage
- Brain Fog
- Mood Swings
- Lack of Motivation

- Cognitive Impairments (memory, focus, abstract thinking, conscious and subconscious thought nearly gone, Virtually no brain activity, etc)

- Bodily Acne
- Heavy Amounts of Anxiety
- Eventually PIED
- Loss of Libido
- Failure to Build Muscle now
- Slow healing
- Reduction in Emotional Positivity
- Gut Flora and digestion negatively impacted
- Low Energy
- Depersonalization
- Motor Movement and Coordination declinations

I didn't cover everything in the symptom aspect however I just wanted to convey enough background in my initial post I don't want this to be too long.

So as we all know those who have little sexual experience and started early in some cases do not alleviate themselves of the negatives with time alone. That is my position, I wanted to convey my difficulty with being able to successfully rewire with an actual female.

I'm not necessarily referring to the pandemic but female nature in terms of selection is a bit annoying in general and especially to someone as diminished as I am currently. So in this forum most are at least familiar with nofap attraction. It is a real thing. Men with high testosterone notice this. As someone who previously had high amounts I understand it I've experienced it.

However with the changes that occured in my brain I no longer receive testosterone nearly the way I used to. I have difficulty building muscle even with continuous exercise different forms of course. My diet is essentially no grain. High in fat.

My intuition in addition to my experiences over the last three years have led me to believe that "spitting game" as it's called and other elements that are often regurgitated like confidence, maintaining appearance and the general ideas that get repeated when it comes to this topic don't actually yield anything provided your testosterone levels aren't adequate. Since the amount of the hormone one possesses is indicative of the reception you get from females. If it's too low then even things like social charisma and above average looks won't really bring you over the top. There's a lot less room for error and you essentially need to depict very shitty behavior just to get them to consider you as a sexual option.

Women need to be sexually ignited, their libidio's do not mimic that of men. It is ignited through high testosterone levels optimally, this occurs on an instinctual level and they don't realize what is occuring. They then use the logic they have to describe why they're attracted and use descriptions like looks, humor etc. Adequate testosterone is the underlying component that is needed for the common ways you're often told you need to do to get girls. Adequate in the sense that it just needs to be at the average level where most people are. I think it's also worth noting that human genetics is on the decline and an area of declination is testosterone, it has dropped dramatically in men. Hence most men are at the average level and believe the regurgitations are the only factors that determine your ability to get women. If not testosterone then you need to enact poor behavior often referred to as a "bad boy" and all it's associated characteristics. I won't hit much detail about this but it's very difficult to mold character in this way especially at a continued rate. Also it's still a process, a game, a mating ritual that requires plenty of time and investment. One little slip up and it's over then you have to repeat it all over again.

In hindsight I never really had a direction with this. I didn't want to type an absurd amount which is why my post may seem a bit condensed in the sense that I may have not included plenty of other things. I could have placed more into this to aid my position here but ehh...

To those who read I appreciate it I'm just looking for some support, I don't know what to do at this point.

Thanks again