Trying to recover all I might lose.


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Day 12.
Still all clear with no urges or drive to break my streak. I have really found a lot of energy mentally and physically during these past days. My wife is really seeing the difference and hopes I can continue without the urge of scrolling through picture after picture. Still not wanted to look at various pages on my phone and that is a bonus.
Sounds like things are going great! You can do this. Hopefully, like me, the longer you are away, the easier it gets.
Not posted in a while.
Day 13-16.
Still going extremely well and finally getting back to a normal relationship with my wife by celebrating our 11th Anniversary. Having a nice time talking and just spending time together like we should be. Starting therapy in some days to work on issues because I really want to stop hurting the one person I care about the most. Will continue on this journey of recovery.

Nick Simons

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Nice work Dangermouse - you are doing awesome! And I am glad to hear you are starting to "finally getting back to normal" - I found this helped me a lot to realize how great things used to be (and what I had been sacrificing all those years to choose porn instead) - never again. Stay strong.


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Great work on the streak, D. Following your journey and wishing you the best. Sounds like your work is your purpose, and without the compulsive bad habit, you're able to lean into your true calling. Therapy sounds like a great idea. Way to deal with issues that have been holding you down.


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Day 20.
All is well and still fighting the good fight. No temptations or urges and having a lot more family time and enjoying every minute of it.
On the right track buddy! Its great, the more days that go by without PMO the more youll find yourself being able to enjoy things more
Day 21 - 25.
Not has much time to post these past days bit all in a good way. Have been spending a lot of time family and organising all kind of things. Still going strong and enjoying every minute of the freedom without addiction and compulsive scrolling for troublesome content. So happy with the entire progress and really happy to have a community here to talk to and share my experience with. Journalling has helped a lot with being open and also keeping a record of progress.
Day 26-30
Spending a lot of time with family, working and enjoying myself a lot more. Feel so happy and much less stressed and desperate to watch porn, scroll social media B...S... Super happy with the progress. Been able to focus a lot more and without urges and compilation.


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Congratulations on your continued success. I think focusing on family, friends, hobbies and other tasks that can make us better and fantastic to keep porn further in the back of our minds. Hopefully it will get stuck way back there and never come out again!
Day 31-35
It has been well over a month of being clean and I could not be happier, there have been a few times in the past days but I have been able to stop and move on to better things. I am happy with how it is going and I hope that it keeps going. I see people a lot happier around me and I am not as frustrated and much more focused. Thank you all for the support and kind words or encouragement. I am not leaving the group and I will keep adding to my story.


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Great news Dangermouse. Yes, please don't leave the group. We need you and you never know, you may need us. I was cruising along and feeling great and then things went off the rails a bit. That was at day 68. The urges can come storming back at any time so it's good to stay connected to this group to make it through.

Keep trucking!