DAY 103 HARDMODE.. on the verge of full recovery


Hello everyone,

I am going through a very strange period of reboot at the moment. Recently hit 100 days without PMO which I am happy about, but i know I still have ways to go until I can say I am completely free. First 75 days were literal hell for me, and it wasnt until day 96 I had a full day where I felt like I was completely free of any PIED or flatline symptoms. And since then it seems like my body is really fighting to be back to normal but my brain is still struggling to keep up. Its very confusing.. i am having great days where i feel like how i did before all this (or even better) but they are followed by days where I feel like I am in a flatline again.. I would have rock hard MW for two days then next few days I would have maybe 50% MW with symptoms of lifeless penis during the day. I am seeing this as progress but i wanted to know if anyone has been where I am at, or heard these kind of symptoms. My ex girlfriend wants to get back together and visit me soon, which is great news for me, but I am afraid that I might not be able to perform, and even if I do that I would go right back into flatline after orgasm. If anyone have advice it would be greatly appreciated.


151 days without pmo here, same situation. I dont recommend orgasming right away. Better have some kissing session for a few days. Massage, sex without O etc. And orgasm only when you feel it will not set you back to flatline. I'm married but we see in the forum that the best is to open the game with a woman and ask for collaboration in rewiring. Wish you good luck! You can check my journal on 30-39 age, "100+ days and still no libido".


good morning .. congratulations on the days, you closed the trail of the PMO in the brain, but what are you doing to open the trail of sex? football, gym, yoga, are important, but the opposite of PMO is sex .... humble opinion of those who are on day 2

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I keep going back and forth between feeling broken and healed.. its so frustrating and confusing.
I'm only a little over 40 days here and I have a lifetime of porn to recover from. I'm 53. I know there are people on here that are older and have the same issues. I don't know how long it will take me to recover, but it is helpful to see what others are going through. Hang in there. From everything I'm reading it's best to just keep pushing through. The body and mind will catch up and start to fix things. I'm banking on it.