My husband had an affair and porn addiction


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My husband of 12 years had a 3 month affair. He told me about it. He told me he had problems getting it up with her. We have never had problems unless he was drinking too much or something. Now he has problems with me but he has also admitted that he was watching porn all the time for a long time and believes he has Porn Induced ED. This is hard for me especially with the affair. He has broke my heart. I am choosing to stay with him. I love him. We are seeing a therapist. Our communication is so much better than it was. We were both distant from each other for a while. We both treated each other ways. I'm not excusing his actions, only taking responsibility for my own. He choose to have an affair because he was weak and selfish. He admitted that himself. My sex drive has been crazy. I want him all the time. He tries and seems like he wants me and then his performance fails. I'm trying to be patient but it doesn't give me much confidence after knowing he had an affair. Beginning of this year I started having depression. I had to close my business stay home with our oldest for school all because of COVID. I have had a rough year and then he did this to me. Now I have to be more patient with his problem. It's just so hard for me.


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I feel your pain. My husband did not have an affair, but the porn use discovery broke my heart in two. It destroyed my self esteem. It was awful. We worked hard together. Two things helped immensely, the Book Love You Hate the Porn and a blog It has thing for both the porn user and their partner. Great stuff. By the way we did heal our relationship.