A Porn Story

I would do something similar. I don't know how intentional it was, but my little streaks away from porn kept the sensitivity toward more vanila versions intact and 'exciting'.

Conversely, staying away from porn in a serious and intentional way has helped me to get greater dopamine hits from normal life.
I started doing something like this after a period of 2-3 (?) years of 7 PMOs every day. And the way it happened was accidental. As I didn't know about porn's harm, I thought I was addicted to masturbation. I didn't know that masturbation and masturbation to porn were not the same. So I thought I was addicted to masturbation and I wanted to quit, only to realize that if I abstained for a few days, I had a better masturbation (of course PMO) session. Before that, I hardly got any high from that, because I was doing it every single day, 7 times on average. Once I moved to waiting 4 days, another level of high opened. Only the first PMO session because the rest of them were just the same as the daily binging shit.

Phineas 808

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That's it, Escape. And it was kind of scary for me, because I felt I had the 'secret' to keeping dopamine levels high toward lower-level crap, and even avoiding PIED that so many on here suffer... I could continue this way, I figured, for years. But really, is that all I want out of life?? Is that the best I can do, or the best version of myself I can be? Hell no! While I could be 'that guy'- at the end of the day (or the end of my life), could I look myself in the mirror with any sense of pride or satisfaction?